Protecting the environment since 1989!

The company Interplan operates in the field of wastewater treatment and ecology. It was founded in Karlovac in 1989 and ever since its primary objective has been to protect the environment while working on the technological design, producing and installing sewage and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Quality is of utmost importance

A watertight guarantee of quality without compromise, strict compliance with the EU environmental standards.

We respect the standards

The guiding principle of the company is to fulfil and strictly adhere to European and local legislation during the production and installation of the devices which will achieve the required parameters of the effluent waters with the lowest investment and operating costs.

A reliable partner

Numerous acknowledgments and diplomas awarded for the devices and patent applications have enabled the company Interplan to be at the very top and thus become a synonym for top quality Croatian products.

Interplan in numbers

A watertight guarantee of quality without compromise, strict compliance with the EU environmental standards.

installed wastewater treatment systems
years of experience
Our devices are used on two continents
ecological products

Clean water is a shared responsibility.

Our devices have been installed in schools, shopping malls, various communal, residential and industrial facilities located in urban settlements, camps, hotels, apartments and wineries, breweries and fish processing factories.

The company’s success is based on the quality of the devices as well as their production and installation, and top expertise and enthusiasm of our employees.
Biological treatment using activated sludge is the basis of sewage wastewater treatment and it provides a high degree of purification and relatively low operating costs. Devices are designed without a primary clarifier since wastewater is immediately transferred to biological treatment, which significantly reduces the amount of excess sludge.

At the same time the company can boast the production which meets the demands of a growing market that extends beyond the borders of Croatia, such as Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine and Africa (Mozambique, Libya, Sudan).

We continuously follow and meet the needs of:

customers (users)

  • 100% self-sustainability of the devices without supervisory staff presentmoving parts made of high quality stainless steel (inox), non-damageable
  • minimum investment and operating costs
  • wide range of devices, types of devices depend on their purpose and capacity

social communities and living environment

– following ecological standards in the field of environmental protection, technology for achieving 100% ecological results


In order to make our service even better, upon receiving your request our employees will gather all necessary information and offer you the best possible solution…