35 years together!

The company Interplan operates in the field of wastewater treatment and ecology. It was founded in Karlovac in 1989 and ever since its primary objective has been to protect the environment while working on the technological design, producing and installing sewage and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Technology without an expiration date and costly maintenance

Biological treatment using activated sludge process is the basis of sewage wastewater treatment and it provides a high degree of purification and relatively low operating costs.

Ecological engineering in the protection of water resources

The company’s success is based on the quality of the devices as well as their production and installation, and top expertise and enthusiasm of our employees. Our guiding principle is to fulfil and strictly adhere to European and local legislation.

Wastewater treatment systems

Technology without an expiration date or warranty expiry

WATER that leads to LIFE!

There is no life without water and therefore it is the most valuable natural resource. Earth’s water is constantly moving and changing states. About 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and as much as 97.5% of that is salty ocean water. A large part of the remaining 2.5% of fresh water is inaccessible, located too deep below the soil surface or locked up as ice in polar ice caps.

It is estimated that only 1% of fresh water is in a usable form. Existing quantities of fresh water would be sufficient even if the Earth’s population were bigger but the main problem is the uneven distribution of fresh water as well as the quality of natural waters.

Successive population growth and increased development of industry and agriculture result in increased use of water, leading to large quantities of wastewater.

What is wastewater?

After being used for a particular purpose, natural water becomes wastewater. The content of certain substances in wastewater is determined by field or laboratory sampling and analysis. This way the indicators of water pollution are obtained, which form the basis for planning and designing environmental protection measures, that is designing wastewater treatment plants.

The characteristics of wastewater depend on their origin. Due to the amount of pollutants it contains, industrial wastewater is the most polluted wastewater, followed by sewage wastewater and agricultural wastewater.

Wastewater treatment system is the only possible solution to this problem and the only proper way for humans to act responsibly towards the water they are taking from and later sending back into nature.

Water should be purified to the extent that by bringing it back to nature the natural balance and the quality of the environment are not disturbed.

Water – as pure as nature intended, without compromise!

Managing drinking water is one of the primary tasks of mankind. The use of water resources and the discharge of wastewater into natural water systems interfere with the natural laws of the hydrological cycle. It is necessary and essential to strive that the water taken from nature is not returned to nature contaminated but of the same quality and purity as it was at the time when it was taken, in order to prevent imbalance. This is achieved by using wastewater treatment systems.

The result of this endeavour is the portfolio of the company Interplan: the quality of wastewater treatment systems, 35 years of working on environmental protection without compromise.

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